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  1. Haha, that looks like a funny idea. I like the title. But it's not useful for me, unfortunately. I have to limit myself to film and television versions. Thanks for all your replies so far.
  2. Somebody sent me a message that they saw it on VHS but I read it too late. But I'm still interested if anyone knows where to find it. SOMEONE must have taken that screenshot...
  3. Hm, no answers yet. But there is a picture in the main site, so someone must have had it: Do you think it would help if I repeated my question in Ρετρό Τηλεόραση?
  4. OK, I'll keep an eye on this page. Yes, I thought it might be unimportant because there was so little information about it. But my strategy is to look at several small films instead of 1 big one. Hopefully that makes sense.
  5. Thank you. No, it does not have to be an authentic reconstruction (for that, the 1972 film is probably very good). A free adaptation is also interesting. I am writing a small article about how the original story was always changed. (For example, there are anti-gulf war and anti-gangster versions.) Unless it has really nothing to do with the original. If you remember the show, could you tell me (briefly) what it is about, please? If someone knows if it was ever available on VHS, then that would still be interesting too.
  6. Hello, Sorry to write her in English but I found this forum because of this page about Η Λυσιστράτη από το Θησείο and I was hoping someone could help me with a question. Does Η Λυσιστράτη από το Θησείο from 1986 exist in any version you can buy/download? (The reason I would like to find it is that I am researching how this comedy has always changed in many versions since 1950-today. I found almost all different adaptations that still exist, like the 1972 movie but also French, German and Italian versions from the time of the cold war. But it's very hard to google in a different alphabet.) If anyone can give me more information about it that would be very very great!
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