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SSF νέα version

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απο εβδομαδα μας βλεπω και τους δυο να την πεφτουμε στο ebay.Εσυ για Saturn και εγω για Spectrum128 (θα αναλαβεις ομως εσυ τα bid-αρισματα ως πιο αλεπου στο ebay-sport :D )

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CD Block Read Command was updated.

Eiyuu Densetsu now works (Legend of Heroes 1 & 2, I presume)

SCU Timer 1 processing was updated.

Virtual Hydlide now works

VDP1 draw command processing was updated.

VDP1 color operation processing was updated.

The sound test of Dark Savior is now displayed accurately.

VDP1 V-Blank Out timing was updated.

The Pattern Name Assignment mistake of the VDP2 Cycle Pattern was taken into account.

The battle screen in Slayers Royal and the title screen of Virtual On are now displayed accurately.

VDP2 color operation processing was updated.

VDP2 window processing was updated.

SH2 dynamic recompilation processing was updated.

J. League Pro Soccer Club wo Tsukurou! 2 now works.


An option to turn the memory access wieght of the cache through address was added.

If Memory Access Weight is turned on,

the palette of the choices in Daina Airan (aka Dino Island) become normal (depending on Dot Clock)

The sound effects of Virtua Fighter 2 are also reproduced.

An option to use HSynch period as a real clock was added.

If CTRL is pushed while SSF is starting,

the BIOS use/do note use option will be temporarily inverted.

The version of savestate data was changed.

Although older versions are still compatible, they may not load depending on data.

Especially savestates made without BIOS are affected, as the BIOS emulation program was changed.

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Wally η όποιος άλλος ξέρει στον emulator SSF 008 που γράφεις μπορεί να παίξει τα παιχνίδια από τον δίσκο η πρέπει να είναι σε CD?

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Τα κάνεις mount σε ένα virtual drive (πχ Alcohol) και δουλεύουνε χάρμα! :)

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Although behavior was not checked much, a new version is released.

SSF Ver0.08 alpha R4

Seek Status was added to the drive status of the CD Block.

Zero Divide and Falcom Classics 2 now work.

VDP1 drawing processing was updated.

Vandal Hearts cursor is displayed.

The cycle pattern specification (designation/assignment) mistake of the VDP2 was taken into account.

The screens of Dracula X and World Heroes Perfect are now displayed accurately.

Since this is somewhat slow, an option was added (for enabling/disabling the function).

An error where CDDA fails to be reproduced when loading savestates was corrected.


It is now possible to perform disc changing even if there is no BIOS.

CD Access LED was added.

Savestate data version was changed.

Although data (savestates) from the previous version (0.08 Alpha R3) still load, anything before 0.08 Alpha R3 will not.

Also, since the BIOS emulation program was also changed, savestates made without BIOS may not work (even from the previous version).


As for checking the cycle pattern specification mistake, it is only done for Normal Background mask, Cell Form, 16 colors. (??)

With the exception of this, there are many collapsing cases, these should be fixed by later developement (when the mistake is understood).

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Storm, το Radiant Silvergun το έχεις δοκιμάσει?


Τρέχει με 'αποδεκτά' FPS (ή όπως στο Mame)??

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