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Project Morpheus [Playstation VR]

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Official specs list:


Component: Processor unit, head-mounted unit

Display Method: LCD

Panel Size: 5 inches

Panel Resolution: 1920×RGB×1080 (960×RGB×1080 per eye)

Field of View: 90 degrees

Sensors: Accelerometer, Gyroscope

Connection interface: HDMI + USB

Function: 3D audio, Social Screen


90 degree field of view

- 1000Hz tracking

- 3 meter working volume

- Full 360 degrees

- Supports forward prediction

- DualShock 4 and PS Move with the same camera

- True spacial sound, synthesized by stimulating the human ear.

- Highly Adjustable

- Comfortable for Prolonged use

- Direct on-board audio jack for headphones.

- 'Social Screen feature' mirrors experience onto TV (Allows for unique asymmetric gameplay)

- No weight placed on nose or cheeks.


Morpheus adopts 3D audio technology uniquely developed by SCE. In addition to sounds coming from front, behind, left and right, Morpheus re-creates stereoscopic sounds heard from below and above the players, such as footsteps climbing up stairs below them, or engine noises of helicopters flying overhead. Sounds that players hear change in real-time depending on their head orientation, creating a highly realistic audio environment within an immersive 360-degree virtual world.


Part of the announcement involved footage of a VR God of War, PlayStation boss Shuhei Yoshida saying "When I looked down, I saw my body was that of Kratos. That was an empowering experience."


Users will, for example, be able to preview a hotel virtually before booking a room, or engage in virtual tourism by recreating the experience of a real environments in stereoscopic 3D.


Not all VR games need to be first-person, either. Third-person games can work better to let people observe all content from a set perspective, he went on to explain.
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Ειτε το κυκλοφορει συντομα και μαζευει ολο το ρευστο της αγορας/τελειωνει τον ανταγωνισμο, ειτε το αφηνει για το μεεεεεεεεελλον και εχουμε απλα αλλο ενα hype.

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Επιτελους! VR ακουγαμε και VR , δεν βλεπαμε... Ειπανε αν θα ειναι συμβατο μονο με PS4 ; ή θα δουλευει και σε αλλες κονσολες;

Παντως δεν νομιζω οτι αυτο θα ειναι η αλλαγη στο gaming , απλα πιστευω θα ειναι ενα gadget το οποιο θα δουλευει με συγκεκριμενα παιχνιδια.

Για κυκλοφορια δεν ειπανε τιποτα ε;

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Kαι μονο που φανταζομαι τον εαυτο μου να καθομαι και να παιζω φορωντας αυτο το πραγμα εχω σκασει στα γελια.Ασε που θα πεσει το δουλεμα της αρκουδας απο τον περιγυρο μου.Μακρια απο μενα αυτα και οσοι θελουν ας το αγορασουν.

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Δεν χρειάζεται να βιαστεί (εξάλλου ακούγεται οτι το παλευουν για wireless) , το Oculus είναι ακόμη στα σπάργανα, και δεν ακούγονται και τα καλύτερα νέα για τον τομέα της παραγωγής του. Συνεπώς, η Sony μάλλον θα παίξει μπάλα μόνη της έτσι και αλλιώς, είναι προφανές ότι το PS4 θα ισοπεδώσει τα πάντα όπως πάει...Έλα να έρχεται το Gran Turismo 7, να τα σκάσουμε μια και καλή !

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Tιποτα επισημο ακομη περα του οτι δεν θα το δουμε το 2014...(ποτε δεν ξερεις).

Κατι leaks για να εχουμε να περναμε την ωρα μας ,μασωντας πασατεμπος.

Ολοκληρο το τεραστιο αρθρο στο λινκ.

Sony hopes to release Morpheus before the end of fiscal year 2014 (which ends on March 31, 2015). However, they are much further along than people realize and were initially targeting a Fall 2014 release.


The final name wonʼt be Morpheus. The device doesnʼt have a name yet but is likely to be named with an evocative action verb akin to Move, Play, Create and Share, Focus, See, Experience, Imagine, Live, Immerse or something entirely different like Vision


Sony is internally targeting a price of $250-$299 with a camera bundled


Sonyʼs first party studios are working on some absolutely fantastic VR experiences. The Last of Us, God of War and Drive Club are being built into brand new VR experiences from the ground up.


Some of the VR software that Sonyʼs internal teams are working on, (examples he mentioned include virtual tourism through various places and to different eras in human history, space exploration, deep sea exploration and a VR oriented take on PlayStation Home.)


Theyʼve long felt that once the technology becomes feasible, VR experiences (games, virtual tourism, edutainment) could be as big an industry as movies and traditional games are today. They want to be at the frontier of this new industry the same way they were with CDs, and with personal music players when they launched the Sony Walkman. They feel that if properly executed, VR will have more mass appeal than any game console in history and with much longer legs (presumably this was a reference to the Wii) because it offers something that simply hasnʼt been possible before.


The PS4ʼs internal architecture, the Playstation Camera, and the Dualshock 4 (both the lightbar and touchpad) were designed from the outset with VR in mind. Like the PS1 with CDs, the PS2s with DVDs, the PS3 with Blurays, the PS4 was designed to make VR mainstream.


Sony plans to fully and significantly support two unique and distinct platforms, a dedicated cutting edge gaming console, and a brand new plug and play VR platform that offers unique tailored immersive experiences unlike anything anyone has experienced before.


Τhe PS4 is more than capable of producing beautiful, clean, immersive 1440p 90fps games split into two circles for VR.


Περισσοτερα στο λινκ

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[h=1]Project Morpheus: GDC 2014 Presentation[/h]

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Ελα ρε θηριο εκατσες και το ειδες 7εκ. φορες;; Αξιος φιλε! :P

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